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Q: How much does a typical video cost?

Q: How long does it usually take to finish a project?

A: The cost of your video is impacted most significantly by the length and complexity of the video, the style of video you choose, and the time it takes to create your video. Our video projects start at around $1,500, but most run closer to $2,000-$5,000. You will be given an estimate based on your project’s specific needs before we begin. At SO|MO Studios, we do our best to find a solution that works within your company’s budget. And, we’ll only move forward with your approval.

A: The timeline for a video project depends on the length and complexity of the video, as well as the style of video you choose. Most projects take between 4 and 8 weeks. After your initial consultation, you will receive your video’s estimate. It will include a target timeline.

Q: What are the payment and contract terms?

Q: What steps are involved in creating a video?

A: Once you approve your project estimate, you’ll pay a 50% retainer fee which counts towards your total project cost before we begin production. Payment can be made using cash, check, or PayPal options. Upon completion of the project, the project total is reevaluated and modified based on the final cost of video production. Don’t worry -- we’ll keep you posted and let you know if it looks like we might go over the estimated amount. The remaining balance is due on approval of the final video. Once the final video is approved, you will receive the final video files, including exports in several formats for your convenience. For more details you can review the full agreement here.

A: Most of SO|MO Studio’s videos follow a 6-step process, which includes crafting the script, voice-over, moodboard, storyboard, video, music & sound effects. You will be involved throughout the process, but most of the decisions regarding these steps will be established during your consultation and throughout the discovery stage of our 6-step process. And, you’ll always have final approval of your video. For more on our process, click here.

Q: Who owns the rights to the video?

Q: How many revisions do I get?

A: Once you approve the video and pay the total balance, the video is all yours! You own it outright and can do with it whatever you please. To learn more, you can review the full agreement here.

A: We want you to be 100% satisfied with your video. That’s why we involve you throughout the video making process. We don’t limit you to a certain number of revisions. We promise to keep working until the product is perfect.

Q: What happens if I cancel the project?

Q: What types of videos can SO|MO Studios create?

A: If at any point you decide to cancel a project before it is completed, any refund due will be based on the number of project steps in progress when the cancellation request is received. For example, if only one step is in progress, you will be refunded 66% of your down payment. If three or more project steps are completed or in progress, you will not be due a refund. We do not offer refunds once a project is approved and the final payment has been submitted. For more details on our refund and cancellation policy, please review our full agreement here.

We offer a wide range of animation and video production styles, techniques and services. For example, we can create an explainer video that tells your audience how your product or service works, a web commercial to promote your brand, a corporate video to introduce your company, a tutorial or how-it-works video to educate your users, a product demo video, a customer testimonial video, or a mobile app walk-through. We'll help you choose the style of video production that best fit's your project needs. Some of the styles we offer include animation, live video, stop motion, aerials, whiteboard animation and more.



We are SO|MO Studios, and we eat, sleep, and breathe video. We believe wholeheartedly in the unique power of video and its ability to bring your brand’s message to life in a way that engages, informs, and inspires customers and prospects. Crafting custom video is what we do all day, every day -- it’s what lights us up and gets us going, and it never gets old.





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